Haiku poams

Very tall and smart.

Is a genius and pretty.

Cool and awesome to. ANSWER-Bhavneet


Very cute and nice.

Very cheeky in photos.

Also very small.  ANWSER-Sukhsehaj


She smells like roses.

Short and so adorable.

Lovely, awesome to. ANSWER- Mum


Very smart at maths.

Very charming and awesome.

Awesome at cooking. ANWSER- Dad


















Nahl whale








Vampire bat


X-ray Tetra 




Emperor Penguins!!!

Emperor Penguins are flightless birds that live in Antartica. When Emperor Penguins grow up they are about 110 cm’s tall. They weigh 45 kilograms. Emperor Penguins face is white same as the belly, there neck with some highlights are yellow and the rest of the body is black.

The main reason Emperor Penguins migrate is for food. The food they eat are fish, krill and squid. They also go fishing for food. Emperor Penguins lay eggs as well while they migrate.

Emperor Penguins migrate by using a toboggan and sliding. They migrate to the foods which is in Antartica.

The challenges that they face are sandstorms. An Emperor penguins  prediotor is an Orea, Leapard and Southern Petrol.

In conclusion the main reason why Emperor Penguins migrate is for food. The mother goes and get thier food for their babies. When the mother returns the baby eats. What an awesome MIGRATION!!!!!

Sky Tower Trip

It was Saterday the 22. My mum, brother dad and I were heading to the sky tower. We paked our car and walked towards the tower.

First we gave our tickets. The man let us pass and we stopped to take a photo by a photographer. Then we went in the elevator and went to the firt floor. We took some photes with the view and walked around.

Then we took the elevator to go to the secound floor. While the elevator was going up my ears got block but as soon as it stoped my ears got better. We walked our way of and walked around. We saw a telescope and put two dollars in. My brother looked first. He wanted to go again but as it was my turn he could not. It was my turn and I saw lots of small cars. I said to my mun that the cars look like a peace from a puzzle.It was a wonderfull view. Then it was my dads turn and then my mums. After that my brother sat on the glass and took a photo. I was to scared so I didn’t. 

Then we went to the coffie room. My mum and I got a hot choclate. My brother and dad got a bottle of sprite. We drank together. The hot choclate was soo yum. I said ‘I wish mum could make the same.” My mum and dad told us a story about when they went the sky tower, with my mums dad and my mums brothers wife. When they went they byed a coffey and it was really hard to drink It was hard because it was chilly. It was time to go. We went down to the carpark looking for our car. It took about five minutes to find our car.

Papatoetoe South

Plenty of caring children




They use team work

Obviously stunning

Early they come to school


Ocupation they can get a good one




U to are invited to come

The stars


So adorable




On to task

Little kids are also there

Why New Zealand is a good place to live?

New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific ocean. The maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa. New Zealand has beautiful nature and fresh water. Aotearoa is famous for rugby. The rugby team is called the All Blacks. New Zealand is also a multicultural country.

Firstly New Zealand is a good place to live because of the government. The New Zealand government is not that strict like others an it is really safe. By really safe I mean it only makes safe rules. I’ve heard the government also gives a bit of money to pour people also to people who don’t have jobs.

Secondly New Zealand is a good place to live because of the education. In New Zealand the government makes you go to school until you are a teenager. New Zealand have better schools like Epson Girls grammer collage and if you go to a better collage you get a better job. 

Thirdly New Zealand is a good place to live because of the weather. The weather is not that cold and not that hot. In New Zealand the weather is really good. In Auckland it also dosen’t snow.

Lastly by not least New Zealand is a good place to live because of the healthy food. By that I mean New Zealand has plenty of healthy and tasty food. The water in New Zealand is nice and fresh.

All of my paragraphes tell you why New Zealand s a good place to live. I wish by reading this you might want to vist or live in New Zealand.